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What is Hell Warders?

Hell Warders is a multiplayer Action Hero Defense game where players have to face Demonic armies. It is up to you and your friends to build and find deadly defenses of epic weapons to fend off the invasion 

A New Defense Subgenre

With elements of Hero Defense and Tower Defense, and Hell Warder's unique characters

4 Player Co-op

Combine forces and battle the forces of evil! Hell Warders supports both co-operative play with friends or with other warders via auto-matchmaking

Build your Defenses

Plan your defenses and build powerful towers to foil the enemy

Scavenge for Powerups

Scavenge the map for powerful power-ups

Game Changing Skills and Abilities

Use your skills and abilities strategically to destroy the enemy invasion

Epic Enemies

From giant earth-shattering wurms to magic wielding lyches, the enemy will not wait for you

Dynamic Maps

Features like flowing tides of lava adds variety to gameplay. Sometimes, even the map iteself can be dangerous.


1. Manage your Army

You can speak with the Quatermaster to recruit and train your soldiers. Each mission may require a different type of soldier, it is up to you to choose the best team

2. Position your defenses

Once you are on the battlefield, you should position your defenses in strategic locations. Having your army in the right positions greatly affects the outcome of the battle

3. Unleash the horde

Once you have setup your defenses, it is time to unleash the horde. Use your combat skills to aid your army!

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