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Hell Warders is part of a new subgenre known as “action-defense”. You and your friends are tasked with defending the Nexus from unrelenting demon assaults. Set up archers, catapults, and mages – and carefully choose where to place them for maximum defensive cover.

  • Action tower defense meets hero tower defense - Heroes can unleash devastating abilities and deploy strategic towers in this new defense sub-genre.

  • 4 Player Co-op - Combine forces and battle the legions of evil! Hell Warders supports cooperative play with friends or other fellow Warders online.

  • Multiple Playable Classes - Choose from a roster of diverse heroes – each with unique skills and abilities.

  • Upgradeable characters - Level up to upgrade skills and perks – and defeat monsters your way.

  • Epic Enemies - Battle demonic monsters from Hell, do not underestimate the mechanics of the boss.

  • Build Your Own Defenses - Set up archers, catapults, and mages– and carefully choose where to place them for maximum defensive cover.

1. Manage your Army

You can speak with the Quatermaster to recruit and train your soldiers. Each mission may require a different type of soldier, it is up to you to choose the best team


2. Position your defenses

Once you are on the battlefield, you should position your defenses in strategic locations. Having your army in the right positions greatly affects the outcome of the battle

3. Unleash the horde

Once you have setup your defenses, it is time to unleash the horde. Use your combat skills to aid your army!


“It’s tower defence meets third-person stabbing/shooting (with a choice of classes to play as).  There are single player challenges as well as multiplayer, and it’s in pretty good shape for an early access title.”
Rock Paper Shotgun
“Characters are responsive and the animations are smooth and epic adding to the action perfectly”
Early Access Gaming

“Even in these early stages of development Hell Warders looks fantastic, with fast paced co-op combat, strategic defence
building and epic battles with massive monsters.”

Alpha Beta Gamer


Anti Gravity is an indie game studio based in Hong Kong. Founded in 2017 by former core members of Ares Games.


We are devoted to developing high-quality games on multiple platforms. We have a belief that the best games must be easy to pick up but hard to master, and should always cater to all crowds, from casual to hardcore players.


All of our team members have over 5 years of online game development experiences. We have shipped many titles in the past such as Facebook game "Three Kingdom Rush", MMORPG "Phantom Hunter" and Action Defense game "Hell Warders".


Early Access Trailer: DOWNLOAD
Game Play Showcase: DOWNLOAD
Game Play Showcase: DOWNLOAD


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