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Week 3 - Incoming Giants & Problems

After a week of development and testing, we are now close to the 0.4 update, Gentle Giants. Firstly, we would like to address the issue on tower progression. We received the comments from players about the lack of depth in tower aspect. We are trying to modify this tower system into something fun for tower defense fans. Currently, our approach is limited to upgrading the tower through the spirit orb system, where you collect spirit orb and level them up. This upgrade system will not be the final form of the game and a lot of more to come. Over the weekend, we have discussed with our team and planned out the road map of our development. There are a few things we would like to have in the game. 1) Monster pack encounters to increase the depth of gameplay. Currently, the different stages of our game do not vary much. Therefore players will fight against the same monsters over and over again from map 1 to map 4; we know this is boring! Therefore, we will introduce monster packs, which contains specific monster army, such Abaddon army, Moloch army, or a mix of both, to challenge player’s defense. We hope this will bring more variation. At the same time, we will also introduce armor, magic defense, armor & magic penetration to different monsters and equipment. This encounter system will increase the depth and allows players to react to these monster packs, whether stack up armor or magic penetration units. 2) Quests, missions and Hell Warders Rank to increase the incentive of progressing. What we see in the game is that players do not have an incentive to proceed further apart from just the fun from the battle; therefore we are introducing quests and missions. These quests and missions have rewards that give hero equipment, companion equipment, cosmetics, and ranking. We would like to introduce a “Hell Warders” ranking system, which you proceed further, you will get more challenging quests and missions to challenge players, at the same time, having better rewards!

3) Tower spellbook to reduce the tedious of picking up spirit orb. One of the unique points in Hell Warders is the picking up of spirit orb without the resource management system. Numerous players commented on the spirit orb system being tedious; therefore we are thinking of scrapping the spirit orb - tower picking system. Removal of spirit orb does not mean we are throwing it away, but looking whether battle upgrade (double damage, movement speed) spirit orb instead of a defensive unit, which might be more suitable for players. The player can choose to leave the battle, pick spirit orbs, then go back to fight. 4) The inventory system is vital to hero progression. Currently, the game only has a simple perk system which does not provide a sufficient RPG element in the game. We will be introducing cosmetic & equipment in the future. These items will affect how strong a player will be, but not a random "stats" rolling drop. In conclusion, we have identified a few areas that we should work on to increase the depth of gameplay. We will also continue to modify these changes to balance out the game and introduce more features to make Hell Warders a better game.

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