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Major Patch 0.5 Hell has arrived

Greetings, Warders, Welcome to the patch v0.5, giving Hell Warders a whole new look. We have been working hard for these three months, listening to player's comment and trying to bring an entirely new feeling of the game, so we hope you guys will like it. The most significant change in this patch is the removal of "Spirit Orb" system. We have replaced it with a resource management system. Players will now gain resources by picking up orbs dropped from monsters and use the accumulated resource to build towers. We have also added a campaign mode which player will progress along to unlock more towers, perks, and the story. Currently, we have finished act 1 and drafted act 2, act 3 and the additional towers, which will be implemented in future patches. The act 1 will end with a boss fight, which is EPIC!! More bosses will be added in the future. As a result, the previous history of character progression has been wiped. Patch notes: General Gameplay: - Added Resource Management System (replaced Spirit Orb system) - Added Campaign mode (replaced fixed map selection with difficulty) - Added mid-session joining feature - Full Controller Support - Improved UI - Added boss fight stage (replaced "elite monster spawning in between waves") - Added tower loadout system - Added suggested tower placement area Maps: - Added new maps: Castle Gate, Front Hall, Library, Gardens, and Chapel: Boss Stage (replaced all previous maps) Characters: - Reworked Knight's second ability - Reworked Deadeye's normal attack with dual wield shotgun Monsters: - Added armor and magic resistance value Towers: - Added damage type for different towers: deal extra damage to the corresponding monster type - Improved tower visual effects - Added tower unlock system Visuals: - Significantly optimized graphics workload Sounds: - Re-worked music and sound effects

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