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Week 5 - Quest & missions (3/7/2017)

Thank you for reading the weekly development blog of Hell Warders. This week we brought you an update on quest & missions

Currently, we nearly finish the quest and mission system and developing different types of quest. It will be similar to the game Monster Hunter where you accept a quest and head out and fight. Although we do not have their "semi-open" world, it is still tower defense with a similar feeling.

There will be different tiers of quests which players can progress, earning a Hell Warders Rank (account bound), which unlocks cosmetics in future. Each quest will have its own star level as difficulty indicator. These quests will act as a campaign for players to advance in the Hell Warders World. Clearing each quest will award experience points for the Hero & items. These items will have a game-changing effect on the hero, for example, Ash's equipping a fire sword will increase the radius of his skill etc.

We hope this campaign system will bring users a better experience in this game, also do not forget about the tower loadout system we will be developing in coming weeks! They both complement each other very much!

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