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Dev Blog: Week 6 - Tower Loadout (10/7/2017)

Welcome again to the weekly development blog of Hell Warders. This blog will be about the progress of Tower Loadout system. We have finished the Quest and Missions system previous week and continue to create various kinds of quests. Tower loadout system is a total revamp of our game-core, which will replace the picking of Spirit Orb. This tower loadout system in-game will be similar to Dungeon Defenders or Orc Must Die. Additionally, we provide a way more depth about it. Our Tower Loadout system will allow players to 1) Level-up quality and quantity of these towers 2) Select which towers to bring into specific quests 3) Have own combination of towers In details, players will get currency from completing missions, then spend them onto whether leveling the towers stats or quantity, to be able to summon more in a mission. Players also can choose any combination they like, for example, if players want to do 6 catapult towers or 20 blockades, it is entirely up to the player's choice. More news about the Tower Loadout system as we further develop it!

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