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Patch note v0.52 & hotfix v0.53

It has been a month since the last patch. This patch focuses on content enrichment. We are trying to add a story to the game, but it is tough for a tower defense game to be a good storytelling system(unlike other RPG games). We have also added Act 2 into our game which involves a dungeon below the castle!

Hotfix v0.53 - Fixed the slime queen stage's UI disappearing and lost control of character bugs

Detailed patch note: Gameplay: - Added 6 stages of Act 2 - Added scenario & cutscenes for each stage - Added a backbone story - Unlocked 6 more units - Unlocked perk system (the first perk will be unlocked when the first mission reached 5star, the second perk will be unlocked after finishing Act 1) - Re-make of Ash's E ability to a skill that charges forward - Polished normal attack for Ash & Deadeye - New monsters in Act 2

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